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Zone 6- The Circulatory Zone

Dr. Nick Wirtz

Tissues and organs of the body are dependent on not only the presence of blood but its continuous movement as well. This is regulated by the circulatory zone.

Blood is kept in continuous movement by the heart, a central double organ. The heart pumps blood through arteries and it is then further distributed through a network of capillaries to organs and tissue.

The minute capillaries vessels permit the passage of nutritive materials into the tissue spaces and the veins collect and return the blood to the right side of the heart. Blood therefore moves in a cycle and the movement is termed circulation.

When any of the arteries, capillaries or veins contract or become too stretched the pressure must be changed to compensate them. Conditions such as high or low blood pressure or varicose veins can occur.

Balancing the circulatory zone will enable the brain center to compensate and these conditions will be eliminated.