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Zone 3- The Nervous Zone

Dr. Nick Wirtz

The nervous zone is the part of the brain that controls our thoughts and emotions and is divided into two distinct halves called hemispheres. The hemispheres of the cerebrum are connected by the corpus callosum, containing millions of transverse nerve lines over which working exchange takes place.

The nervous system from the apex of the brain to the tips of the fingers and toes, to the glands and vital organs of the body. It is mechanically a united whole made up of nerve cells, nerve fibre and nerve tissue.


The center in the brain which is in control of the nervous system may be out of harmony due to many causes. A correction in the zone will bring about and improvement not only in the entire nervous system but in various organs associated with the zone.

Balancing your nervous system can help boost your immune system, improve your sleep, help you relax, and improve the function of your eyes and ears.