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Dr Fleet Truth

Dr. Nick Wirtz

Here is a little jammer put together by Dana Shaw using the words of Dr Thurman Fleet, the founder of the Zone Technique, Concept Therapy, and Conceptology. 

Everything is Energy

Dr. Nick Wirtz

Metaphysics is the study of our world beyond what we can perceive beyond our five senses.  You can observe what is behind everything once you know what to pay attention to and this can help you make more sense of where you are at in life. 

Rays Of The Dawn

Dr. Nick Wirtz

This video is about the book Rays of The Dawn by Dr Thurman Fleet. In it I talk about what the book is, how to use it as a healing tool, and the three aspects of our being that we need to tend to for improved health. 

What Is Healing?

Dr. Nick Wirtz

What is the power inside us that Heals us? In this talk I start to dress just what that is, and how to work with it.  Look for more info on the topic in future talks. 

Morning Routine

Dr. Nick Wirtz

Why are we here? It is hard to say.  If we are here to live and express life then the goal would be to let that happen at its fullest potential.  In this video I discuss my morning routines and how they have been a challenge to stick to, how they make me feel, and why I do them.  I am talking about y experience to them in an attempt to relate through the human experience what it might be like for you on your quest through life.  I hope that there is insight gleaned for you form this video, and look out for more to come.  If you have any requests or suggestions, please let me know and I will do my best to cover the topic.  

Is Pain Our Friend?

Dr. Nick Wirtz

Pain appears to be an armed and vindictive enemy, but it is really a friend in disguise. If we look beneath it's mask and recognize and except it, it takes us by the hand and gently leads us back from the thorny thicket through which we were plunging under the command of passion, ignorance, or weakness.