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Dr. Nick is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. He is extremely caring and has taken A LOT of time to get to know me as a person. This is a wonderful departure from traditional medicine. He is very hands on and very informative. It is evident to me that has taken great time and care to individualize the treatment program he has set for me. I broke my back a few years ago and recently was hit by a car while I was walking in the city. I was in chronic pain when I came in and I was desperate for relief. After my first visit to Dr. Nick I started feeling better. He has a very holistic approach in healing the body. He has taught me a lot about how I can help myself heal. I really appreciate that he incorporates emotional healing as well as physical healing. He also has great ideas to help the body heal through nutrition and supplements. Even if you are not in chronic pain like me, you could benefit from his advice and treatments. He is really helping my body and mind reach its full potential. I used to dread going to see doctors but I really look forward to each appointment with Dr. Wirtz now! -J, San Francisco

Being an advocate of alternative health practices for most of my life, I applaud Nick Wirtz for introducing me to what I believe will become the cutting edge in terms of healing the body.  Functional Neurology - or - brain and body balancing - just makes sense. -B, San Francisco

Thank you Dr. Nick for your complete attention to every symptom and project my body presented. I was thoroughly amazed at the detail in which you did your initial exam, even checking my eyes and my lung capacity. It is exciting to know that I have found a practitioner who actually listens, and who understands the body in a way that I had never experienced before. Your explanations of "what" and "why" made it even more rewarding, as it made me feel like I was actually a participant in my own healing process. You rectified my hips (as issue that I have had since I was 16) and my head with gentle muscle manipulation and with pressure point precision adjustments. I left that initial session feeling like I was walking straighter, walking with more balance, and with a clearer head. Though I do have to tell you; the biggest surprise came when I went to drive away and I literally had to remove my prescription eye glasses, as I could see more clearly without them.  Thank you Dr. Nick, you are a gifted healer. I can't wait to spread the news of your practice at the Judah Street Clinic.   ...... and I can't wait to see you again. -L, San Francisco

Last week, I did one too many backbends in yoga. I completely threw the left side of my mid thoracic out of alignment. It was so bad that driving home from class I could hardly turn my head to the left. Judah St. Clinic is near my house, so I called them to make an appointment. I have walked past the clinic many times, and it has an extremely inviting aesthetic. Dr. Wirtz's amazingly friendly and knowledgeable wife helped get me an appointment and also helped to explain that Dr. Wirtz approaches his chiropractic knowledge and license with a more integrative and holistic approach. He really combines a lot of different medicines to tailor his individual patients. I am someone who hurts their back a lot. I have battled with a herniated disc, misaligned spines, and lots of pain. I have been to many healers and doctors. Dr. Wirtz in our few meetings, has entirely alleviated my injury from yoga. But beyond just literally being an amazing adjuster and chiropractor, Dr. Wirtz addressed all parts of my life, to really address my overall well being. When you visit with Dr. Wirtz, it is beyond clear that he not only hopes to heal your acute pain, but he hopes that you can help you maintain your health with long term maintenance as a goal. -N, San Francisco

I went to see Dr Wirtz after I injured my back playing sports.  I came into his office barely able to bend over.  I was worried that it would be months before I could surf again.  I was wrong.  Dr Wirtz's approach is unique.  He admitted that he couldn't just put his hands on me and cure me (too bad because that's what I wanted!).  He told me that a lot of the effort was going to have to come from me.  When he told me that I had to go on an anti-inflammatory diet, he did so in a way that convinced me to really change my eating habits and to do my part.  This was a challenge for me, but his support throughout made it possible (not to mention my girlfriends cooking!)  He didn't prescribe a ton of herbs or anything, saving me money.  He shows that he really cares and that he knows how hard it can be to be injured and not be able to do the things you love.  Dr Wirtz has a deep understanding of the body's workings, not just of muscles, bones and tissues, but of the brain's relationship with the body and nervous system as well.  He really takes his job seriously and you can tell he has a passion for learning.  He was very careful when adjusting me, not doing anything deep or harsh because I was injured.   After following his instructions and three visits (over three weeks) I was feeling loose and was permitted to start surfing again.  He did an incredible job on me and I would recommend him to anyone who wants their body to reach its full potential!!! -M, San Francisco

I was in acute Pain in my neck and back.  Nick did several treatments on me and I got so  much relief.  He listens, he takes his time and he is deeply caring. The office is terrific and not your boring sterile clinic in feeling.  Dr Wirtz is terrific, as is his staff. -S, San Francisco 

As one of your early clients I was first impressed with you thorough evaluation.  Your treatment of my shoulder lock-up soon take care of that long-standing and painful problem.  Your tips to improve my digestion are really working. -S, Mill Valley

 Dr. Nick has a natural and holistic approach to overall wellbeing that can help you find your optimal health. He looks at how your various symptoms are interconnected and assesses all aspects of your health: structural, muscular, neurological, nutritional and emotional. His initial verbal and physical intake is extremely through, and he takes his time to listen to you, and to assess your overall health (not just individual symptoms) before developing a treatment plan. His techniques are sophisticated and he combines various methods that go far beyond traditional chiropractic adjustments. His overall approach consists of guiding you in helping your body to heal itself so that you can achieve your ultimate wellbeing.

I initially went to see Dr. Nick for symptoms related to a severe concussion. For 1.5 years I had been experiencing severe symptoms that were negatively affecting every aspect of my life. I saw many traditional western doctors who all told me to wait it out, and that eventually my symptoms would go away. Waiting wasn’t working and I was desperate for help. I came across Dr. Nick’s website where he talked about Chiropractic Neurology, and although I wasn’t sure what this meant, I was ready to give anything a try. Right off the bat, I was impressed with how through Dr. Nick’s initial verbal and physical intake were. The depth of his neurological testing blew away anything that was done by the neurologists I had seen. To my amazement, after only 2 months in Dr. Nick’s care, almost all of my symptoms had subsided! Totally amazing!

Once Dr. Nick felt that we had made enough progress on my neurological symptoms for it to be safe, he moved on to working on some of my structural issues. I used to run marathons and began having a lot of pain in my hip and knee. I saw many doctors, had many tests run, and none of them were ever able to diagnose my problem. Instead, I had 3 different doctors tell me that the solution to my pain was to stop running. In contrast, Dr. Nick was able to pinpoint my problem immediately and start treating it. I hadn’t done any serious running in about 6 years (because of the previous doctors’ instructions), and not exercised much in the 1.5 years since my concussion. However, in the few months that Dr. Nick has been treating me, I’m already up to 10-mile runs that are pain free! I never imagined it could be possible!

I can honestly say that I feel like Dr. Nick has given me my life back! I feel that he is truly interested in helping his patients find their optimal health. He has never made me feel rushed, and he takes the time to listen to my concerns, and to give me explanations of what is happening in my body. He is also very thorough in his assessments and treatments. I have never had such a positive medical experience in my life! If you want to find your optimal health, and are ready to put in the effort, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Nick to help you get there!  - J, San Francisco

After injuring my elbow playing tennis last summer, I spent months ignoring it, hoping it would go away on its own.  It would get better and then I'd do something that would cause it to flare up again.  The pain was sharp in the elbow and radiated down my arm into my hand.  At it's worst, the pain effected my sleep and I had trouble gripping a water bottle and bringing it to my mouth.  I tried different treatments--wearing a forearm band, acupuncture, an intensive ibuprofen regime--but the pain persisted.  Six months into it, a friend recommended Dr. Nick.  I had never been to a chiropractor, so a lot of the initial evaluation was completely foreign to me.  The thing that stuck with me from that first visit, was Dr. Nick's focus on the whole body and mind and his belief that if root  problems are addressed, symptoms (elbow pain) will resolve and continue to resolve without intervention.  After 5 sessions I was completely pain free. A couple weekends after my last visit to Dr. Nick, I played tennis for about 6 hours over the course of 3 days. I experienced some pain in my elbow, but it resolved within a day.  I've been rock climbing, surfing, played volleyball and football, and have done many other things that caused flare ups in the past.  I think by now, 4 months after my last visit, I can safely say that I am cured! This Spring I hurt my wrist rock climbing.  This time I was much more proactive.  After a week of pain, I went to Dr. Nick and felt great after one session.

I've never experienced the kind of care Dr. Nick administered.  It's hard to describe my wonder at his ability to pinpoint problem areas and, with seemingly small interventions, resolve them; or the feeling of having everything about me taken into consideration and employed in my own healing.  Dr. Nick gave me great exercises to do at home and even trained my kids to locate and massage the inflamed tendons in my arm.  Lately, stories I've heard from friends who've gone to traditional doctors and orthopedic surgeons for injuries, make me realize the limitations of that kind of care.  I highly recommend Dr. Nick and, although I sometimes don't understand the interconnections he sees and addresses between body, mind, diet and environment, I've become a true believer in the care he provides.  -D, San Francisco


Journey to optimum health

            I went to Dr. Nick with complaints of some anxiety and low-level depression. I was unaware of other health issues I had such as mood swings, PMS symptoms and emotionally instability. I felt these issues were just a part of how I was, and that there was nothing I could do to change how my body functioned. After a thorough intake exam where I learned a huge amount about my body, its functions and my state of health, Dr. Nick came up with a hypothesis of what was going on in my body and we set a plan of action. I have been working my action plan of diet, supplements, exercise and spiritual growth for two months. I feel as though I have grown into the healthy person I have always wanted to be. My PMS is non-existent for the first time in my life. My friends and family comment on how great I look and how enthusiastic I have become about life. I can’t believe I went years feeling the way I did and negatively impacting people in my life with my extreme mood swings and depression. It is such a relief to wake up and feel a different way.

Dr. Nick looks at your whole state of being and how emotional issues arise in the physical body. I have had tremendous growth within my physical body as well as emotionally and spiritually. Although Dr. Nick would be quick to say that I have done all the work myself, I know that I would not be where I am today without his direction and expertise. I leave each appointment feeling heard, appreciated and inspired about my health and my life.

I have recommended Dr. Nick to friends and family whose health problems range from minor to serious. The biggest take-away for me is that being healthy is always available to you, it is a matter of looking at your body in a new way and discovering what will work to bring you to optimum health. -R, San Francisco


Hello my friends....  I have taken it upon myself to not have pain in my life. After 6 years of chronic pain....  No more. I found a more permanent fix without the use of medications, steroid injections, acupuncture, two years of chiropractic work, physical therapy or temporary fixes for a larger underlining issue. I have been seeing Dr Nick Wirtz at the Judah Street Clinic for the past two and half months with extraordinary results with diminishment of pain in my L-4 L-5, and multiple areas of my body from inflammation. My entire life has changed. Granted so has my diet. I stay away from certain foods that slow down my bodies healing process. My diet is completely revamped and enjoying life without chronic pain. I feel as though I have a second lease on life. The pain monster no longer controls me. I have the power to create my own health and allow my body to heal itself. I was skeptic at first obviously because I have exhausted all my options. But this kind gentleman I met at my previous employer shared his story and the rest is history. The frequencies of my visits were once a week for about 2-3 months. They are now once every two weeks, then once a month for two more sessions. I will be honest it was quite expensive initially...180 for the first visit, 80 a visit for additional visits. And unfortunately he does not except insurance.... But you know what? You and I are both worth the investment. Check him out! You will not regret it.  You might even say it's a blessing in the sky! Big congrats to you and hope you take my advice. We all deserve to live without pain so we can all concentrate on what life's really about.  Thanks Dr. Nick Wirtz for everything that you have done for me. -D. San Francisco