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Chiropractic for Dogs

Dr. Nick Wirtz

In my office, I have seen many amazing things happen this is one situation that I found to be very astonishing.  I have a very dear friend that came to my office with her small dog Rebble.  The reason she brought her dog to me was that Rebble had a seizure and was barely able to walk on her own, she wouldn't go to the bathroom and she wouldn't eat.  She had taken Rebble to the animal neurologist earlier that day, and the doctor was unable to help the dog.  I have had some training with dog adjusting but I do not do it very often in my office.  

When I first say Rebble, she looked very lethargic and floppy, she had very loose muscle tone and  almost appeared to be sleeping.  I checked Rebbles zones and found an imbalance in her nervous system, so I did the necessary therapy to stimulate and balance out that system.  Within a minute of me working on her, she jumped off the chiropractic table and peed on my floor, then ran into my back office and pooped on the floor then started running all over my office with the energy of a puppy.  

This situation was a reminder to me of what I am doing as a chiropractor.  I am not the healer, there is no way that I can go into Rebble's brain and get her neurons to fire normally, the intelligence within her did that.  All that I did was stimulated the flow of her life force and there was a powerful response.  Her owner thought it was a miracle, I was very impressed, but I know it is just the way that nature works.  

Within all life is a powerful force, some call it energy, some say god, others say nature, there are many names, I have no clue what it is. What I do know is that it wants the best for us all and if you just help it out then it will create a vibrancy in the form that it is expressing through.  My duty is to help that life force express at its full potential.  It is the power that created the entire universe and the human's conscious intelligence does not compare with that of this great power.  That is why my approach is to balance out the bodies six healing systems and to teach them how to be more in harmony with nature to that their body can express optimal health. 

I worked on Rebble one time nearly a year ago and she has been shining ever since.  Whenever I think about this experience, I am in awe of this great power.