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Lower High Blood Pressure With Earthing

Dr. Nick Wirtz

by Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Research shows getting grounded can lower blood pressure and improve your heart health

One of the most overlooked problems in the development of arterial disease and high blood pressure is hyperviscosity, which refers to thick and sticky blood that moves slowly through the circulatory system. Hyperviscosity feeds the inflammatory process that damages arteries, boosts blood pressure, and increases the risk of blood clots.
I tell patients that their blood should flow like red wine—smoothly and easily. But for too many of them, and possibly you, their blood is thick like ketchup. That takes a lot more effort from the heart to circulate, and the pressure against the inside of arteries and blood vessels is much higher! So anything you can do to naturally thin your blood will help to lower blood pressure. That‘s where the practice of Earthing comes in.
Earthing, or grounding, is when you physically reconnect your body with the free electrons that exist naturally in the Earth‘s surf

ace, either by going barefoot outside or by sitting or lying on a special conductive device (such as pads for the floor or bed) that‘s plugged into a three-pronged electrical grounding outlet. Both actions allow the Earth‘s free electrons to enter the body, where they synchronize all of your bioelectrical systems and powerfully reduce inflammation.
I‘ve been involved in some ongoing Earthing research that includes an investigation into how Earthing alters the electrical “charge” of your blood and improves its flow and viscosity. So far, indications are that Earthing is indeed a natural solution to thinning the blood. Earthing‘s positive effects on blood viscosity are so impressive, in fact, that those on certain medications, such as prescription blood thinners, need to be careful when beginning an Earthing program. (Get more details on how Earthing works and how Earthing can also reduce your stress levels to further reduce your risk of heart disease.)

Ease Into Earthing

Getting started with Earthing in an effort to help lower your blood pressure is easy. Here are some how-to tips:

To find out more about Earthing and Earthing products that ground you while you sleep, sit, or work, read Earthing (Basic Health, 2010, and available from www.amazon.com or www.grounded.com), the book I coauthored with Clint Ober—who discovered the health benefits of connecting with the Earth—and my writing colleague Marty Zucker.

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