Judah St. Clinic

A healthcare office devoted to providing each patient with personalized wellness care.


Our goal is to provide affordable care to to First Responders, Active Military, Veterans, and Low Income families. Esthesis will also serve as a platform where people can donate tax deductible money to purchase care for other individuals. We intend to raise money to go on mission trips to provide chiropractic care to communities in need at home and abroad. Our agenda is focused on giving people access to care and help with healing. We are peeling away all possible bureaucratic hurdles to provide great care to you.

You can sign up for care right here, if you are not a first responder and you must start by apply for care by filling out the form below. We will be contacting you once we've reviewed your form. Once you are approved you will be in our system and can start your care.

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If you want to make a charitable donation to provide care for others, or to support a mission trip where we provide care to communities in need, click here. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for your contribution.  Also set up an auto receipt for care.